Automation Works NZ sell high frequency modulated laser line generators used in industry for:
- Machine vision.
- Industrial Inspection.
- Industrial Marking Devices.
- Positionng and Visualization.
- High end alignment.

Laser line generators are generally stocked in 10, 25, 50 and 100mW power ratings.

Normal stock is red (650nm wavelength) for all power ratings, with 75 degree distribution angle. Other combinations of power and angle of laser may be ordered specially on request. Laser line generators do not carry IP ratings and are not suitable for wet or outdoor environments.

10mW lasers are suitable for installations where the line is within approx 2 meters of the laser generator.

25mW lasers are suitable for intsallations where the line must be several meters long, a sawmill edger infeed for example.

50mW lasers are suitable for installations where the line must be up to 10 meters, a sawmill log carriage sawline for example.

100mW lasers are an option that may be more visible in situations with higher daylight levels present.

Pricing Guide

Prices listed below are a guide only.

As website pricing may not be current please contact Automation Works NZ for up to date pricing of laser products.
Prices shown are excluding GST.

100mW, red, 75 degree angle
50mW, red, 75 degree angle
25mW, red, 75 degree angle
10mW, red, 75 degree angle
Laser Mounting Bracket
Laser Power Supply (plug type)
Laser Power Supply (3.3V switchmode, 3.0A)

With Prompt Payment Discount
$ 16.92
$ 19.10
$ 29.42

Without Prompt Payment Discount
$ 19.46
$ 21.97
$ 33.83

Laser Safety!

Automation Works NZ recommends following the manufacturers instructions below when dealing with laser products.

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